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What Is BOTOX?

At Panacea Aesthetics, we are excited to be a part of your journey, and we love empowering our Newport Beach, CA patients. BOTOX is a common favorite cosmetic injectable among our Orange County patients. BOTOX is tried and true and has long been used by doctors to treat wrinkles and facial creases. There are countless benefits from BOTOX cosmetic injections. Injections of highly diluted botulinum toxin fight fine lines and wrinkles, enhance your natural beauty, lead to a younger appearance, and boost your beauty and confidence.

What Areas Can BOTOX Treat?

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Bunny lines – lines across the bridge of the nose
  • Crow’s feet – lines on the upper two-thirds of the lateral eye
  • Mentalis dysfunction – ‘dents’ in the chin
  • Brow lift – creates a lifting effect on the brow

What Is the Science Behind BOTOX?

When we smile, frown, squint, or make other facial expressions, we are causing our facial muscles to contract. The constant contracting of these facial muscles over long periods of time is what creates wrinkles. A loss of skin elasticity with age also contributes to the lines and wrinkles we see on our faces. When BOTOX is administered to specific muscles, it works by blocking the nerve signals from activating muscle contractions. This muscle inactivation ultimately leads to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment is quick, relatively comfortable, and can provide tremendous results.

How Long Does BOTOX Last?

BOTOX treatment does not provide permanent results and requires ongoing injections as the body breaks down the BOTOX over time. BOTOX typically lasts 3 – 4 months. Some candidates may experience a slightly shorter period of results, while others might see results carry for up to 6 months.

Sal and the entire staff are amazing ! I never wanted or expected to ever do botox!! I went to support my friend, due to a medical situation, I’m struggling with breathing through my nose and after listening to Sal, who’s kind, patient, sincere and all around awesome dr, I decided to give it a try!! OMG, while i’ll only do temporarily, it’s helped immensely!!Lana, up front , SWEET as can be! Love you all! Thank you for the kindness you’ve shown me!

D.B. Yelp

Manal is fantastic, and Sal is exceptional--this place is my go-to happy place! I wholeheartedly recommend it. Additionally, Lana is outstanding for scheduling and follow-ups. Highly recommended!

F.H. Yelp

Panacea Aesthetic & Wellness is made up of an incredible team. Lana at the front is always full of good energy, kindness, and above all she deeply cares about each client. Along with Lana, Sal and Manal have been nothing but helpful! Both Sal and Manal have worked on me from Botox to filler and each took their time explaining all my options and making sure I felt confident and comfortable with any decision. I am beyond happy with my results and would refer this team to anyone. If you are hesitant at all I would give Lana a call and I promise you, she will ensure all your needs are met.

T.H. Yelp

This is the best treat for yourself (especially for Christmas or special gift) if you are considering any enhancements to your face! Manal and Faisal are very skilled in their profession and I would not trust anyone else. After careful research and consultation with them, I was confident they were the right choice. I am 53 years old and have a virgin face. I have been wanting to do Botox for the 1st time. I am a very conservative person and like a natural look. They proposed a full face rejuvenation in detail and I am glad I did it. Faisal started with Botox and he has the most gentle hand. He used a device to detect veins so he would not inject them, something absolutely critical for not bruising. I did not bruise at all and I am super veiny. I looked fabulous in a few days! Then Manal did the BBL laser therapy to remove sun spots and melasma, it took exactly 2 weeks for all the scabs to flake off but the results were amazing. My complexion is radiant. Then Faisal did an under eye filler and a little filler to sculpt my chin. He is truly a face artist and knew exactly where to fill. It took my face a couple of weeks to settle but I am pleased with the results as I look years younger and no hollowness or wrinkles under my eyes. Lastly, Manal did lip filler. It is true she is the “Lip Queen”, as she knows how much and where to place filler by giving you a natural yet sexy voluminous look. Overall, I am pleased with their work, each one an expert and skilled at what they do. Lastly, their staff is amazing and the facility is clean and beautifully decorated. I highly recommend them!

H.P. Google


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Can BOTOX Treat Migraines?

Although this isn’t as well-known, BOTOX injections are actually approved by the FDA to offset both migraine headaches and hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that causes excessive (and sometimes unpredictable) sweating.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost?

BOTOX usually starts at $12 per unit with a standard forehead treatment usually requiring about 20 units. Each patient’s case will be different based on the need and amount of area to be treated, but sessions usually start around $300.

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How many treatments will I likely need?

The quantity of BOTOX injections required will differ according to personal goals and the depth and severity of your facial lines and wrinkles. Dr. Darwiche will recommend the appropriate number of BOTOX injections based on your aesthetic results and whether you want to treat the brow area, Crow's feet, or forehead. To maintain your cosmetic results, our practitioners could recommend getting BOTOX services every few months at Panacea Aesthetics and Wellness Center.

Can I have BOTOX with additional nonsurgical procedures?

BOTOX procedures typically pair well with additional aesthetic options at Panacea Aesthetics and Wellness Center for men and women who wish to minimize aging concerns. If you experience more extensive and pronounced creases and wrinkles, our practitioners could suggest administering a filler to help you achieve optimal results. To further maximize your younger-looking radiant glow, Dr. Darwiche could discuss other complementary procedures, including facials or PRP with microneedling.

Is there a comparable aesthetic injectable option?

BOTOX is a specific formulation of wrinkle reducer that competes with many other comparable solutions, like Dysport®, XEOMIN®, and Jeuveau™. These wrinkle relaxer solutions contain botulinum toxin type A, but they are each created uniquely to meet specific concerns.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.