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Lip Fillers: Do's and Don'ts 101

Did you know that, according to, the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in 2016 was lip augmentation? That means we have been obsessed with the perfect pout for over six years now! Because let’s be honest, lip fillers have taken over the beauty zeitgeist. This cosmetic non-surgical solution, that increases the volume of the lips, is here to stay. However, as with all types of cosmetic treatments, you should know certain dos and don’ts. Lip filler treatments might be quick and painless, taking only a few minutes. Still, their aftercare should be a primary concern for all people after having lip injections. So, to make sure you take proper care, we are going to share some must-know tips with you.

What are some common short-term side-effects of lip fillers?

Swelling, bruising, a bit of tenderness, and even minor bleeding are expected. So this is nothing to worry about. However, these side effects should subside within 48 hours of the initial treatment. If these persist after a couple of days, you should call your specialist. You should also contact your skin clinic immediately if there’s lip asymmetry, lip bumps, and irregularities.

What can't you do after getting lip filler treatment?

These are the big no-no’s. During the first 24 hours after getting lip filler treatment, you should avoid:

  • Hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms
  • Exercising too much
  • Laying on your back
  • Drinking hot beverages or alcohol
  • Exfoliating the area
  • Drinking from a straw

This will prevent bruising, swelling, or soreness. As well as the injected product moving to undesired areas of the face. Remember that even if lip fillers don’t require downtime, you must be careful and conscious of your actions for a couple of days since this will impact how fast you heal.

Can you kiss after lip fillers?

It could be that you are desperate to give your improved lips a fun test run with that special someone. Still, while you can do some light movements with your lips (like smiling or giving a peck on the cheek), you shouldn’t kiss aggressively for at least 72 hours after getting lip fillers. Kissing might also be uncomfortable since the lips could be swollen or tender at first.

What about oral sex?

For at least 2 days after lip fillers, you shouldn’t engage in oral sex because it could put unwanted pressure on your lips, affecting your healing process. And since there are minor wounds after the treatment, the risk of STDs could be higher than usual. So, we recommend you wait. However, after a few days, when you feel more comfortable with your new lips, it could actually help boost your confidence!

Is there downtime associated with lip fillers?

Lip fillers have the advantage of needing little to no downtime. Most people who get lip fillers go back to their normal, daily activities immediately after. But, as we mentioned before, remember that you could experience swelling or bruising on the lips, bleeding, redness, and tenderness where you were injected. So, it might be best to take a couple of days off.

Any other recommendations? 

Yes, these are some of the most common questions patients ask us (and their answers): 

  • “Can I ice my lips?” Yes, you can. This will help you with the swelling. 
  • “Can I shower?” Yes, you can shower, but do it carefully. 
  • “Anything I can take for the pain?” You might take the usually recommended dose of Tylenol if needed. 
  • “Can I eat?” Yes, you can. Not immediately after the treatment. In fact, you should wait until any numbing agent has worn off. After that, feel free to eat easy-to-eat foods and drink lots of water. 
  • “What can I eat after lip injections?” We recommend hydrating fruits and vegetables such as melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Also, for a few days, avoid taking vitamin E supplements because they can cause bruising. 
  • “Do I have to schedule a follow-up appointment?” Yes, you should. And make sure to make a list of any questions or concerns you might have. 
  • “Can I exercise after lip filler?” No, you can’t. Wait 48 hours before any strenuous exercise. Workouts can increase blood flow to the lips, causing more swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Sweating when exercising could also transfer bacteria to the lip area, raising the risk of infection. 
  • “Can I take NSAIDs or blood thinners?” No, you should avoid these. 
  • “Can I smoke after my lip filler treatment?” No, you shouldn’t smoke or drink alcohol after your treatment. 
  • “Can I use straws?” No, you shouldn’t use straws after lip fillers. 
  • “Can I massage my lips?” Avoid touching your lips after the lip filler treatment.

Do you see instant results with lip fillers?

With lip fillers, you’ll see the results rapidly. However, the results won’t be as noticeable as the swelling goes down. The filler typically takes 4 weeks to settle in and attain the desired look. The effects usually last approximately 6 months.

Final Tip: Talk to us!

You need to talk to a trained medical professional. No matter how thoroughly you research these topics online, there’s no substitute for talking to an expert. With us, you will have a full consultation before your treatment so that our team can understand what you want to achieve. We’ll also advise you on which lip fillers will help you get the look you want. If you are in Newport Beach, CA, make an appointment for lip fillers today! We’ll answer all your questions.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.