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What Areas of the Face Can be Treated with Dermal Fillers to Replace Volume?

By: Meet Our Providers


In Newport Beach, CA, and all over the nation, more and more individuals are discovering the benefits of dermal fillers in minimizing signs of aging and enhancing the curves and contours of the face. At Panacea Aesthetics and Wellness Center, nurse practitioner Faisal Darwiche and our team are pleased to offer the popular JUVÉDERM® line of filler products for our clients who want to refresh their appearance without the scars and recovery time that come with surgery.

Whether you want to fill in hollow areas or highlight the curves of your face, dermal fillers have a range of applications. Let's take a closer look at how these fillers can be used to address specific areas of the face.

Filling in hollow cheeks

Hollow cheeks can make the face appear older than it is, but thanks to JUVÉDERM, looking younger is a simple procedure. This option is excellent for cheek augmentation, effectively restoring the volume lost with age. By strategically injecting cheek filler into the area, we can achieve a natural, more youthful contour. When it comes to anti-aging treatments, cheek filler injections can deliver subtle but powerful results.

Softening lines around the mouth

Those smile lines around the mouth, also known as nasolabial folds, can sometimes tell a story you'd rather not share. That's where facial fillers come in. They're effective at easing those lines, giving the area around your mouth a smoother look that's all about youthfulness, not years. JUVÉDERM fills in those fine lines in one quick and simple treatment, diminishing their appearance and leaving you with a naturally refreshed aesthetic. It's a great way to refresh your overall look without looking like you've had work done.

Creating fuller, plump lips

Lip augmentation is among the most popular uses for facial fillers, with JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA and JUVÉDERM ULTRA among the top requested filler treatments at Panacea Aesthetics and Wellness Center. These products are specifically designed for the lips, offering enhancements that range from adding volume to correcting perioral lines ("smoker's lines"). Whether you desire a subtle increase in fullness or more pronounced results, lip augmentation with dermal fillers can provide beautifully natural, plump lips that complement the overall facial structure.

Adding definition to the chin and jawline

A well-defined chin and jawline can significantly impact the overall balance and aesthetics of the face. Believe it or not, dermal fillers can enhance this area, too, improving the profile and bringing better proportion to your facial features. This approach not only enhances the lower face's contour but also contributes to a more distinguished and attractive appearance without scarring or downtime.

Create the look you want in Newport Beach, CA

At Panacea Aesthetics and Wellness Center, our team is dedicated to providing cosmetic treatments to align with each client's unique beauty goals. With our varied selection of facial fillers, we can address a range of aesthetic concerns, from enhancing hollow-looking cheeks and minimizing forehead creases to reshaping the lips and jawline.

To learn how dermal fillers can help you virtually turn back time and improve your overall look, contact our office in Newport Beach, CA, and schedule your private consultation with nurse practitioner Faisal Darwiche.

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